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LC Story: Story

On Septemper 11th, 2001 I was in school, and was preparing the TVs for the student broadcast. It was a normal job for me as the student executive producer for me to check the news for stories. So I turned to CNN and a second later I saw the the first plane hit. I was speechless. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen the entire day, neither could the rest of the school, we were all trapped by the tradgedy of the moment. No one did any work that day, we just watched the news, and took it all in. About mid-day the TVs were all shut off by order of the principal. We, the students, revolted. We argued this was a huge part of our history and we had a right to know what was happening to our country. The school complied and let us watch the news again.

LC Story: Memory

My strongest memory of that day was coming home from school, laying on my flip-bed in my darkroom, listening to "Time after Time" by Ozzy Osbourne, and crying myself to sleep.

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