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LC Story: Story

I was getting ready for work when I turned to CNN, my mom told me about some breaking news, the first thing I saw was the smoke going out from the Pentagon, when I saw the fires in The World Trade Center, I immediately thoght of a terrorist attack. When I saw the towers collapsing all I could think of was "Please God, tell me the buildings were all evacuated and that nobody is hurt". Misfortunately I heard of all the victims and my heart filled with rage and anger. When I heard that the President announced that the Afghan Taliban Government and the Al-Qaeda terrorists were behind the attack and that he will innitiate war actions against them, I called the American Embassy in Guatemala and offered myself as volunteer to take a rifle and go to war, they thanked me for the action and told me that if it was necessary they were going to call me. It take long time to heal my anger, and everything I thoght was on the victims and their families. Until today I guess all the people in the world who treasure human life, peace and decent behavoir are still affected for the terrible happenings of that black day.

LC Story: Memory

The calls of illegal latin inmigrants who were calling to Radio Unica in Miami, crying and telling that even as they were not legally established in the US they were more than willing to answer to the call of the armed forces of the country they calle their own. Heroic gestures as I recall.

LC Story: Affects

They filled our hearts and our collective memory with rage, anger and a feeling of not believeing that something like that could be true.


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