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LC Story: Story

I had just gotten up that morning and turned on Fox news as I always do, then there was a break and a scene that looked to me as very inhuman. I thought at first that it was a clip from a new movie coming out but then I realized that it was true. How could someone do that. Some things in life we can not understand. I went to work and it was very sad. I work at a Life Insurance company but death at this degree is terrible.They put on a television so the employees could keep track of the continuing coverage. Personally, I have been praying for the families and the survivers. I am aware that there are people in the world who can not appreciate the ability to open a Bible, for instance, and read of the love that God has for His people, of which these murderers have proved not to be. My wife, who is a naturalized citizen, and I put faith in this government and our prayers are with them.

LC Story: Memory

There were employees who were crying at work. That made that day a permanent fixture in my mind.

LC Story: Affects

The events of that day brought to my mind passages from the book of Revelation in the Bible but most remembered is what Jesus told his apostles in Matthew 24, that these signs do not really mean that the end is near.Verse 14 of that chapter does say what will signify the end and that is the spreading of the good news to every part of the inhabited earth. God does not favor nations but He does favor people who do what He says and also put their faith in what he says He will do. If a system allows its people to do what they think is right, that system allows what is right.


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