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LC Story: Story

I was in gym class. we were scuba diving in our school pool, and when the first plane crash was on the news, i was underwater. i was all the way down in the 12 foot which was one of my biggest fears which i conquered that day. when i came back up, pretty much all of the kids were out of the pool and in my techers office watching his t.v. most of us didn't even know what the trade center was, only that it was very important. we all were really shocked, but though it was an accident. then we watched as the second plane seemed to just glide right into the next tower. everyone started freaking out and some people cried.{ i cried out of fear} i was terrified and was so scared for all the people in those buildings. all i could do was think in my head over and over, " why is this happening?"

LC Story: Memory

my strongest memory is when people got into fights with some of the arabic students in our school. only some dumb guys, yelled at them in the halls and called them towel heads. one of my friends asha, she is somalian. those bad people yelled at her too, as if she had something to do with what had happened. later that night, asha called me crying saying that somebody had thrown bricks through the windows of her house. I also remember when i got home from school, my mother called me and asked me if i was ok. i told her no. i wasnt ok i was so damn sad, i mean the whole day was focused on just sitting watching t.v. and watching people jump out of buildings. and knowing that there wasnt a damn thing i could do about it. i remember just sobbing pretty much the whole day. i can honestly say that this was the single most saddest moment in my whole 18 years of life.

LC Story: Affects

i think that for a while, our country was brought together. but after the one year mark, people just acted like life was exactly the same. for me personally, it has made me think alot more about my family and how important it is to just be a good person to everyone, because you never know, they could just be taken right away in a blind minute. i think that it is knidve sad that it took something like this tragedy to bring our country together. but i love president bush so much. i think he did a beautiful job. and i think that we have also come to show so much more respect for our troops. god bless them for what they are doing for our freedom and safety.


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