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LC Story: Story

My husband and I were both ill that day and had gone back to bed after the children left for school.When I got up I checked my voice mail and my friend had called to see if I was watching tv.I thought that was kind of strange.I got in the shower and was listening to the radio.I thought the kids had turned my station.As I was dressing I heard the news reporter talking of it.I ran out and turned on the tv and then woke my husband up.
We sat and watched in shock and horror as they replayed the scene many times over.

When the children got home from school we all sat and talked about what had happened and how they felt.

LC Story: Memory

My strongest memory was that of the children that were lost in this horrible event.Losing any loved one was horrific but to see the devastation and know that innocent children were gone was heart wrenching.

LC Story: Affects

I feel it brought the country closer in heart.I know of families who hadn't talked in a long time suddenly realized how short life can be and are now speaking.

It made me realize that no matter what the problems are between people,there is always a way to mend fences and move on.


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