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LC Story: Story

When I heard the new of September 11th, I was taking a French exam. My class sat quietly working when we suddenly heard shouts from the another classroom. It was our British Literature teacher, he was yelling muffled shouts. We all thought he was acting out a play but we were all too wrong. He came into our telling the us what had happened. We did not even believe, not for a second. He walked over to the televison in the corner of the classroom and turned it on. We were all flooded with images more disturbing that I have yet to see again.

LC Story: Memory

I attended an all girls academy of the Sacred Heart, in Omaha, NE. When the news had flooded all around the school, the administration called us to the chapel. Nearly everyone was crying, I could not cry. I felt as though I should be, but I could not make the tears come. My heart was with the people all around the country, but my body was in a state of shock. After prayer they let us out early. I sat in the student center for a little while before I left. As I was walking out side I heard a crashing noise in the sky. I looked up and fighter jets, and inbetween was Air Force One. It was a sight that will stay with me forever.

LC Story: Affects

This event made me much more aware of the outside. I was a 14 years old, and I had never known war, nor horrible death, nor devastion. 9-11 opened my eyes to the world. I was lost but now I'm found, t'was blind but now I see.


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