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I was 37 years old and never in my lifetime did I think I would ever be a witness to such a tragedy as this. I am a nurse and I was sick in bed with the flu, my husband came into the room and turned on the TV. I cried for 2 weeks straight after that. I always thought I had bouts of depression but after that I realized that all my worries and sufferings were nothing compared to the heartache our nation was about to endure. I am a spoiled American who has everything and never ever thought there were people in this world that hated us. I thought we were doing good in the world and giving so much more of ourselves than we could ever afford. I thought we were untouchable. I thought we were invinsible. What a hard lesson to learn! Now I look at everything around me and I am more grateful. I have slowed down so that I don't miss the important things around me. Our world is full of beauty and this just opened my eyes even more so I can see it. I hope that everyone can slow down, wave at your neighbors, stare at the sky as the clouds float by and give yourself to help those in need. We are just travellers here so be courteous as a guest. Love, peace and harmony to us all!

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