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LC Story: Story

It was my birthday. I was driving home from a rewarding night at work. All of the nurses on the "midnight shift" had thrown me a surprise birthday party and I was in a very good mood. I prepared myself for bed as I normally do in the late morning hours. I attempted to set my alarm to wake me after only a few hours because I had classes that day. Because I had a clock radio and I use the radio instead of the annoying alternative buzz alarm, for a split second, I mashed the "sleep" button to check the volume of the radio to ensure it was loud enough to wake me for my class, followed by the "snooze" button to shut off the radio. I thought for a moment that the news brief being broadcasted during that split second sounded like something important. I decided to put my sleep off for a few minutes, or so I expected, only to be horrified at what was before me. I was enlisted in the Army's IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve). I can remember running around my room rushing to organize everything. I was sure that we were instantly sucked into WWIII or something similar to that degree. I drove to my grandparents house. My grandfather is a WWII vet and I respect his opinion tremendously. I busted in the house and I could see into the living room. They were watching the events unfold and I shouted, "What do you think about that Grandpa?!" He yelled back, "I think you better get your boots on!" The confidence in his voice confirmed my questions about what my immediate future entailed.
I voluntarily re-entered the active Reserve until I fulfilled my eight year enlistment with the Army. I am currently in the Air Force and I have yet to be deployed. I would gladly serve anywhere my country needs me to go. There is no question about that. At the same time, there is no question, my birthday is permanently etched in history and the future. I always thought my birth-date was a cool day. Not just because it was my birthday. I always felt it was more than that. But I never could put my finger on it. A future-minded sixth sense? Who knows. All I know is, I am forever divided. Should I be proud? Should I be sad? Should I feel special? At least, no one has an excuse to forget my birthday.

LC Story: Memory

Going to my grandparent's house to share in the shock. Now I can say that I can relate to their feelings of shock on December 7th, 1941. I'm glad I was there with them. It was a terrible memory, but I know that after they are gone, that day will forever remain as one with which I was privileged to share with my grandparents.

LC Story: Affects

I don't feel as if it will ever be the same again. In the back of our minds, we will always wonder when it will happen again. The world of September 10th, 2001 is gone. At least until all generations who have witnessed the events of September 11th have passed away.


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