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LC Story: Story

I'm not one to read the papers, watch the news or listen to radio so i found out by word of mouth, passin a person in the street who was talking about it. That's when i started paying attention.
Everyone was so somber, tears welled in the eyes of those who had family and friends out there (i'm in UK), as i did myself. The more i read, the more panic welled inside of me.
It was strange to see how this event was pulling everyone together, support flowed for all directions to those who aided the emergency services and how much support went to the families of those who had been injured or even killed.
One event built the brotherhood of men stronger, yet tore it apart at the same time. One even is firmly imprinted in the memories of those left behind.

LC Story: Memory

My stongest memory is going on the internet trying to find my friends, hoping, praying that their lives be spared. I also tried calming the hysteria of other friends, all of them scared that it will happen again. Fearing death, fearing what life would be left, scared of eachother, fearing themselves.
Many tears were cried that day, many prayers said.

LC Story: Affects

In the UK it brought us closer together, a family, everyone hurting, everyone supporting. The tears we shed that day are the tears of love for eachother; some cried because they lost those they loved, other cried in fear of losing those they loved, and others cried at seeing humanity fall apart. Still those tears are shed.


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