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LC Story: Story

I had slept in that day, I remember things were quiet, quieter than usual, you see, my apartment was on 180th street. Usually the street was bustling with sound when I woke up, that time it wasn't. I logged onto the internet with my computer like I usually do, then a friend IMed me asking me if I had turned on the television. I looked out the window before turning on the TV, it was kinda dusty outside. When I saw what was going on, it was shock. I thought my friend had been joking, but it was no joke. I don't remember how long it took for reality to set in, or how long I had been staring blankly at the television that day before I sat down and cried, but it was awhile.

LC Story: Memory

I remember staring at the horizon from on top of my apartment complex, occasionally looking down at the street below which had become filled with people and watch as they would freeze whenever a jet would pass over us. There was also an indescribable scent in the air that would burn the inside of your nose. Some moments the scent alone would bring tears to your eyes, not because of the burning sensation, but the realization of what it was.
You know, I went to the site, 2 weeks later, even took pictures that for some reason I haven't developed. There were places where the dust had gathered so high you could swear there had just been a huge snowstorm.

LC Story: Affects

Personally? Days after I decided I was going to join the Military. I cannot speak for everyone, but most people are more wary about daily events, locally, nationally and Internationally. We have learned that the current state of other Nations might have either a weak or strong backlash here in the US.


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