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i was on vacation and was off that day i remeber how pretty the day was i live in winchester va about 50 miles to the west of dc i was online about 900am reading emails when a friend instant messaged me and told me about the planes hitting both towers i ran to the tv and the first image i saw i will never forget was both towers burning and all that black smoke against that cobalt blue sky needless to say the day got only worse and i spent the remainder of the day at the tv or on the phone

LC Story: Memory

i would say seeing that second plane hit the south tower is very strong as are the collapse of the towers i remember when the south tower fell a news reporter saying the whole building had collapsed and peter jennings yelling on live tv "the whole building"

LC Story: Affects

i think we learned that day that our oceans dont protect us from a determined foe that our open society helped the terrorist succeed that day we lost our virginity and joined all the nations that have had similar experiences on there own land it is a defining moment in our lives there is before 9-11 and after 9-11 i think we found out how people felt on dec 7 1941


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