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LC Story: Story

I was at work and received a call from my husband who works for a news organization. At work, we quickly hooked up a tv and started listening to the news. I stayed at work and throughout the day we listened to the news. It was difficult to work. After returning home I watched TV news with my family all evening and into the morning.

LC Story: Memory

Seeing the twin towers fall and thinking about all the people in the buildings and the families who were affected by the tragedy

LC Story: Affects

There are so many things that affected our country. The strongest one that stands out in my mind is how diverse we are. The population of our country is made up of all races and I think that through the media we were able to see the diverse population of the US. Despite those differences many of us care about each other. It seemed like people were nicer to one another after the attack and continue to be more patient with one another.


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