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LC Story: Story

I was in my home in Queens when my mother called me to tell me to put the television on right away.

LC Story: Memory

My strongest memory is when I was looking at the television in total shock when at 9:04 am my ex-husband the father of my two children called me from Tower 1. He told me that he was calling to say goodbye to the children and I. I asked him where was he going and he told me that he was in the building that was hit by a plane. At that very instance I pointed to the television and said "That's you". He spoke to me and told me everything he felt he needed to say like I love you, take care of the kids, but my thoughts were just to tell him to get out of the building. He told me he was on the 103rd floor and that he was having trouble breathing and that it was so hot. I began to scream out loud please god help him and I truly thought he was going to get out, but obviously that didn't happen. I can say that he was very brave he didn't panic or cry at all. He had to say goodbye. At 9:14 am the phone cut off and I waited for a call back, but nothing. I saw when the first tower fell and I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but deep in my heart I knew there was still hope for Michael to still survive and when the North Tower fell so did my heart. I collapsed also. The days after the attacks were the hardest days for me. I was 31 at the time, but I felt weak and old and beaten. I cried for Michael, his kids, and for myself. I loved Michael and New York.

LC Story: Affects

I once thought that this was a safe world to live in. I was blind to anything happening outside of my world here in the United States. This was definitely a wake-up call for all Americans because we are not untouchable. I personally have had trouble dealing with Michael's death. Michael could have called anyone on that day, and maybe he tried, but I was the one he spoke to and I an honored to have provided some comfort to him. I see Michael in my kids faces and my son Timothy looks like him everyday. I just pray that this will never happen again, but I think that is an unrealistic thought. I say that because as long as there are hate and envy out there we are all vulnerable. Our Country did become closer and more patriotic after the attacks, however, I hope we do not develop short-term memory, because the families of those lost will never forget. My kids will never forget and for them I will never forget.


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