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LC Story: Story

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I had just gotten out of my english class and was on my way to band. I was in eighth grade andwent to Lakota Ridge Junior School. In between classes I heard that the World Trade Towers had been bombed. This didn't mean very much to me at the time, a couple of floors being bombed is big, but not unbelievable. When I got to band class, my teacher turned on the T.V. and we proceeded to watch the planes fly into the towers, and then watch the towers collapse. The sights were horrific.Confusion, anger, grief, and disbelief filled the streets, news broadcasters were overwhelmed and disiorented. We watched the news for the rest of class, and when the bell rang and I entered the hallway, many people were silent, shocked at what just occured. In my next class was a girl bawling. Her father was a trucker, and he had a delivery today at the World Trade Towers. She was incredibly scared and there really wasnt much you could do, nobody knew if he survived or not. The day continued and the later it got, the quieter the halls were as more people learned about the tragic attacks. I went home after school, and my mom talked to my sister, brother and I. She explained about terrorism and how many countries loathe the U.S. I never really took this into consideration before September 11. The next few days passed as if in a dream. The damage done and lives lost were unbelievable. Talking to my family and friends helped relieve some of the stress, and answer some questions.

LC Story: Memory

I remember standing at my locker, and the boy next to me saying, "The Trade Towers Were Bombed". I didnt think much of it, bombings were not common, but certantly wern't unbelievable. The next most vivid memory was sitting in band class, watching the planes fly into the towers, and then watching the buildings fall over and over again. Throughout the day, all we did was watch the news. I can still the fire, smoke and confusion shown on the T.V.

LC Story: Affects

Recently after September 11th, many people were reminded of patriotism. I saw a lot more flags, and I saw how lucky I am to live in such a great country. Today, about two years after the attacks, the attacks really haven't effected me. I didn't lose any friends or family members in the attacks, I didn't even know anyone who passed away. The only thing that really changed is that I see a lot more flags displayed. September 11th definitley opened many eyes, but the effects soon died away. The attacks did nothing to directly effect my way of living. Life went back to normal very soon after September 11th which is a horrifying fact. How many lost lives will it take to open up everybody's eyes?


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