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LC Story: Story

I remember September 11, 2001 very well. I was fourteen years old. It started for me in the hall of my Ohio Junior Highschool. A boy I knew passed me in the hall, a grin on his face.

Lauren theres been an attack! On the World Trade Center! Someone crashed into the side! Its so cool! In seconds the crowd had pushed him away. I was confused; I didnt see how that was cool at all. I entered my third period class, Mrs. Muncys computer typing class. She had the TV on and was staring at it in shock. I went to my desk and sat down, my own eyes glued to the TV. Without realizing it I was soon on my feet as well, ignoring the other students as they filled into the room. All I could do was stare at the TV in horror.

Around me the students went to work, typing the assignments as we had been trained to. I didnt move. I just stared at the TV. I thought about how much the boy in the hall must regret his words now. I remember glancing around the room, not understanding how the other kids could just work like that. Didnt they realize what was happening? How many people were dying?

I watched the first tower fall, saw the images of running New Yorkers and of the giant cloud that followed them, watching as fleeing figures were engulfed by it. I remember everyone being coated with dirt. I can recall the feeling that filled me-the pure shock and terror for the people I saw on the screen.

And then I saw the second tower fall. I will always remember what I thought as I watched it crumble and heard the all but crying voices of the reporters.

Oh God. Were going to war.

Throughout the day we watched the newscasts. I had to force myself to leave the cafeteria; I couldnt stand how the kids just went on talking. I couldnt stand how many of them didnt even think about what was happening in New York. I went to the library and watched from there. I remember wanting to help the people in New York so badly. I had sudden urges to join the army, join the firefighters-to just DO anything to help. I felt so trapped in West Chester, Ohio, far away from where I could help. My fingers shook with the need to help somehow.

The day after school is a blue, I returned home I retreated to the downstairs (I couldnt bring myself to watch the images again with my mother and brother) and to the telephone, calling my best friend for comfort. Dinner was quite, the news was on. No one spoke, we just ate. Then we went to bed. And then the next morning we woke up, and went to work and school.

LC Story: Memory

My strongest memory is the tower falling. I remember being terrified for the people who were still in it, terrified for the people running away from it.

But one of the memories about it all that stands out the strongest in my mind is a picture I saw afterwards. Of firefighters in Berlin (I believe) all lined up in a roe with white roses. They were giving their support to the American NYFD. For some reason that just touched me really deeply.

LC Story: Affects

Nationally- on the way to school on Sept. 12, I counted 98 American Flags somewhere. Before there was lest then three.

Personally- I have always been very patriotic, ever since I was little I have wanted to join the army. This just made me want to more.


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