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The city fills with ashes, as the towers look like giant burning cigars from a distance.

My art is my music. I wrote a song about 9-11 called Stand Up for the USA. It can be heard at:

A photo of the North tower with people standing by the windows . One of the people is what I believe to be my Fiancee.

lady liberty sadly shines her light to the twin beams
, godbless the all those who lost there lives on 9-11-01

This email was sent to my "ex-boss" at Tinker AFB, OK and my mentor, Ms. Celeste Richardson. Celeste was at Keesler AFB, MS taking the Advanced Communications Officer Training School.
I was in OKC when the bombing occured in 1995. Needless to say,…

This is a description of my day at work and that afternoon.

This was sent to friends in Croatia the day after the World Trade Center event.

My best friend Kristin Rumberger and I spent a year in Australia from the summer of 1999 until the summer of 2000. After September 11th we received over a dozen emails from friends in Australia worried about our safety and the safety of our family…

After waking up to the NPR report of the first tower burning, I spent the morning in front of the TV, weeping with despair. Finally, I couldn't stomach anymore. I sought the comfort (as I usually do when I'm troubled) of my garden. Later, I sent the…

This is a series of emails responding to an email of mine that I sent to OK to tell the folks that I used to work with that I was o.k. Garry was at Ramstein AFB, Germany at the time.

I had been trying to contact Nancy on Monday, I think I had a premonition something was about to happen. As I normally e-mail her and not talk to her on the phone.
Nancy Priest is a very good friend of mine who lives in OK.

Marilyn Braxton is a good friend and is now retired from Tinker AFB, OK.
A lot of religious emails were sent 11 Sep and thereafter.
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