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LC Story: Story

hello my name is william i just happend to wakep up just as usual started to open up where i work when my boss actualy my land loard sid come here look at this it took us a while but i couldnt figure it out i was crushd because i was in the same area i martch with a freind who was getting his green papers we drank a few beeres in times square but my real condolences go to the crew of columbia of sts 107

LC Story: Memory

well my strongest memory that day is i feel like im in world war like my parents and espicaly my grand parents i kind of live like them being im on a fixd income ssd and going to a food bank for food help and yousing food stamps i dont how the rest of the real world the ones that have money not like me realy think of this but to this day i feel terroised stil to this day why does someone think or want to own the world we only have a life expencty of only one hundred years

LC Story: Affects

all i want for christmass is world peace although it wont happen in my time i hate this holiday i have no money not even my sister the only relitive thats left i live in a rooming house with 11 other slobs hate to say it but its true most of them came from jail im sick of being poor it sucke


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