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LC Story: Story

I was driving to work, about 5:30 am on September 11. I work and live in Southern California and what was first reported as a small plane apparantly misdirected into the World Trade Center, quickly became the larger jet we all learned about. I immidiately suspected terrorism and when the second plane hit (I was at work by then and watching the TV in our office) I knew. In fact, the jihad declared by Islam had come home. I called home and alerted my wife to turn on the TV. Coming from a Jewish background, the impact of this was immediate. Now my friends and co-workers might see things in a different light.

LC Story: Memory

The fear for my family and that I could not protect them. Second, it was another reminder that, indeed, we may be living in the "end times."

LC Story: Affects

Recognizing that the world would never be the same. It's one thing to see it in a distant land, on TV, but it's "them" not "us". Now it's us. We may be headed into a very long and dark time in America.


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