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Boston Federal Aviation Administration Filings


Boston Federal Aviation Administration Filings


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These court filings provide evidence that the terrorists responsible for the September 11th attacks were observed assessing airport security prior to the events. For example, Mohammed Atta was spotted in May '01 taking still photographs, notes and video of the screening checkpoints at Logan. He was reported to law enforcement at the airport, but they failed to follow up.


Brian Sullivan, FAA Special Agent (Retired)

Items in the Boston Federal Aviation Administration Filings Collection

Plaintiff's Memorandum of Law in Opposition to the Massachusetts Port Authority's Motion for Summary Judgment
Plaintiff Mary Bevis filed this legal memorandum in response to defendant Massachusetts Port Authority's (Massport) motion for summary judgment. Bevis is claiming negligence on the part of Massport in not providing adequate security measures despite…

Affidavit of Michael K. Pilgrim
In his affidavit, security aviation specialist Michael K. Pilgrim gives a point-by-point synopsis of security at Boston Logan Airport before and after 9/11. Pilgrim attests that the airport had one of the most advanced security systems in the United…

Plaintiff Mary Bavis&#039;s Statement of Disputed Material Facts Pursuant to Local Rule 56.1<br />
A Testimony account from Mary Bavis about security in Massport before and on September 11th. Bavis gives an overview of daily security procedures in the airport and on the planes between flights. Bavis also discusses the role of background checks…

Declaration of Mary Schiavo in Support of Plaintiffs Memorandum of Law in Opposition To the Massachusetts Port Authority&#039;s Motion for Summary Judgement<br />
A Declaration of Mary Schiavo presenting evidence and exhibits on the FAA findings surrounding Boston International Airport before September 11th. This document is a listing of the exhibits presented to the Massachusetts Port Authority.

Transcript of FOX 25 News&#039;, May 6, 2001, Broadcast on Airport Security
A transcript from a FOX 25 broadcast on airport security, which aired just months before the September 11th attacks. This transcript overviews the different ways in which the news station's investigators were able to get dangerous objects past…

&quot;Physical Security Assessment: Boston Logan International Airport&quot;
This FAA report gives an overview of the security at Boston Logan International Airport in the months prior to September 11, 2001. The reports argue that Boston Logan International Airport were as secure as any other airport in the country before…

A Memo from Joseph Lawless to Virginia Buckingham about Airport vulnerabilities.
In this memo, Joseph Lawless informs Virginia Buckingham of airport vulnerabilities. While still in the early stages of their security assessment of all their facilities, Lawless identifies existing vulnerabilities in the Airport Operations Area…

Testimony of Thomas J. Kinton Jr. Regarding September 11 Litigation
This is a transcript of testimony given by Thomas J. Kinton Jr. about security at Logan International Airport. The locus of questions focus on security checkpoints.

A series of Meeting Minutes related to Logan International Airport&#039;s Security Consortium
The first document is of the meeting of the Security Consortium at Logan International Airport and the creation of the Security Consortium Core Group. The subsequent documents are meeting minutes of the Core Group and their security improvements.

Summary of Testimony given by Mr. Wallace to Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Mr. Wallace gives testimony to his observations and experiences on May 10, 2001. He observed two middle eastern men photography and video taping security checkpoints. After engaging the two men, Mr. Wallace followed them to a security checkpoint…

Testimony of Stephen J. Wallace Regarding September 11 Litigation
Stephen Wallace recounts his observation of two middle eastern men while working at the Airport. He describes their actions, their dress and belongings, and his brief interaction with them.

Information Given by Theresa Spagnuolo During Interview Conducted by Alcohol, Tobacco, &amp; Firearms Agent
A synopsis of the interview of Theresa Spagnuolo, who worked as a pre-board screener at the American Airlines checkpoint in Logan International Airport, by Jeff Kerr, a special agent of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms. The synopsis discusses her…

Testimony of James Miller, Jr. Regarding September 11 Litigation
Pages 82 through 93 of interview of James Miller, Jr., conducted on May 23, 2008 by TC Reporting in affiliation with Merrill Corporation. Miller was asked about a co-worker who worked at the CTX machine, the necessity of screening all individuals who…

Checkpoint Operations Guide (COG) Standard Operating Procedures
Checkpoint Operations Guide (COG) was produced by the Air Transport Association of America and the Regional Airline Association, and was designed to provide guidance for passenger screening procedures. Included are standard operating procedures on…

Report of the Special Advisory Task Force on Massport
The findings of the task force on Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) presented to Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift on December 4, 2001. The findings call for enhanced security infrastructure and procedures within Massport, especially Logan…

Criminal Acts Against Civil Aviation
This report was published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Office of Civil Aviation Authority. Included is a review of incidents against aviation across multiple geographic regions, an analysis of worldwide aviation incidents, an…

The film describes airport security measures prior to and after September 11, 2001 and discusses the failure of both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to adequately protect airline…

Letter to President Bush from Elaine Kaplan
A letter from Elaine Kaplan to President George Bush discusses the implications of allegations made by whistleblower Bogdan Dzakovic, a former Special Agent on the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Red Team, that officials within FAA's Civil…

Security Warnings Went Unheeded
A news article that discusses the many ways in which Brian Sullivan attempted to enact safer security measures at airports prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks. Sullivan, a former special agent for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), worked…

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