September 11 Digital Archive

September 11 Digital Archive Collected Reports


September 11 Digital Archive Collected Reports


A collection of pdf and html files produced by a variety of organizations and journals on a wide range of topics, with both primary and secondary material included. Subjects include, but are not limited to, America’s military response to September, air quality in lower Manhattan and its health effects, think tank reports on security issues, economic impacts, the war on terror, and civil liberties.

Items in the September 11 Digital Archive Collected Reports Collection

The author asks, "What did Bush know before the attack on 9/11, what did he not know, what should he have known?"

Student Writing: September 11, 2001: Index
Student Writing: September 11, 2001: Index
[pdf document, Literacy Assistance Center, New York, Fall, 2002] When the Literacy Assistance Center invited students in ESOL programs throughout New York City to submit the writing they had done about the…

Status of Air and Dust Asbestos Testing After WTC Collapse
[pdf document, Cate Jenkins, EPA Hazardous Waste Identification Division, March 11, 2002] This memorandum provides documentation of EPA Region 2's failure to address the aftermath of the World Trade Center (WTC) collapse with adequate environmental…

September 11, One Year Later: A World of Change
While it is too soon for judgments of historic import, this special edition policy brief takes a look at the immediate effects that 9/11 has had on many fronts including the economy, the environment, globalization, and the U.S. relationship with…

World Trade Center Indoor Air Assessment:  Selecting Contaminants of Potential Concern and Setting H
[pdf document, World Trade Center Indoor Air Taskforce Working Group, 2002] Once the outdoor recovery efforts were completed, health and environmental agencies turned their focus to the indoor environment. A Working Group comprised of staff from The…

This memo outlines a strategy for defeating the new terrorism, located in networks such as al-Qaeda, which use terrorism in order to catalyze political-cultural polarization and mobilization.

Pakistan's turn against Al Qaeda makes it more vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Dealing with Asbestos in the New York Cleanu
[pdf document, International Union of Operating Engineers, 2001] A flyer for those involved in WTC cleanup as well as downtown residents, about protecting oneself against asbestos contamination. Produced by the Operating Engineers National Hazmat…

Revised Version of White Paper on Lower Manhattan Air Quality
[pdf document, U.S. Congressman Jerrold Nadler, April 12, 2002]. This report alleges that the EPA misled the public about the hazards of lower Manhattan's air quality and that testing of indoor air quality has been inadequate. It calls on the EPA to…

The Debate over National Insurance Against Terrorism
In the wake of the attacks of September 11, commercial insurance is drying up for protection against acts of terror.

The author argues that the American public is being fed distortions and lies as selfish politics overtakes public service goals.

Summary Report: Characterization of Particulate Found in Apartments After Destruction of the World T
[pdf document, Eric J. Chatfield, Ph.D. and John R. Kominsky, M.Sc., CIH, CSP, CHMM, October 12, 2001] At the request of a informal committee of elected officials including U.S. Congressman Jerrold Nadler and Manhattan Borough President Virginia…

Policy Statement
Representatives from over 50 New York labor unions, community groups, research and advocacy organizations, and service providers offer guidelines to shape the redevelopment of the WTC site.

Responding to Chemical, Biological, or Nuclear Terrorism: The Indirect and Long-Term Health Effects
[pdf document, Kenneth C. Hyams, Frances M. Murphy, Simon Wessely, 2002] This article, by .Kenneth C. Hyams and Frances M. Murphy of the Department of Veterans Affairs and Simon Wessely of Guys, Kings and St. Thomas School of Medicine and Institute…

This article examines the new US military strategy as codified in the September 2001 Quadrennial Defense Review and practiced in the Afghan war. The report contrasts the new QDR with its 1997 predecessor, paying special attention to the Bush…

The NYC Literacy Community Responds to September 11
The NYC Literacy Community Responds to September 11
[pdf document, Literacy Harvest, Literacy Assistance Center, New York, Fall 2002] A special issue of the Literacy Assistance Center in New York, with articles reflecting on how both students and…

Study analyzing economic impact of 9/11 on New York City

Special Investigative Audit #14: Environmental Data Trend Report, World Trade Center Disaster; Final
[pdf document, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 2002; October, 2001 draft]. This document was prepared by IT Corporation, Las Vegas, Nevada for the EPA's Office of Emergency and Remedial Response. It contains an analysis of the data…

Al Qaeda, Military Commissions, and American Self-Defense
This article by Ruth Wedgwood of the Political Science Quarterly critically examines the U.S. detainment of al Qaeda prisoners and others accused of visa violations or of being enemy combatants

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