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LC Story: Story

I was working for NC Division of Emergency Management in Raleigh, NC. I was at my desk, but did not have my radio on. I happened to check my e-mail on a Web-based e-mail site, and a friend had sent an e-mail about a plane striking one of the WTC buildings. I was thinking "Cessna" or similar small aircraft, and thought how tragic for the pilot, passengers, and those in the area where the plane would have hit.

But then, I couldn't get any news Web sites to come up. So I went to the break room, where the TV is, to see what was up...only to find just about everyone else already there. That's when my heart dropped and I knew that this was BIG.

LC Story: Memory

My cousin was modelling for a NYC firm, and had been going up there, some. I knew my parents were safely in the Pacific NW, so the first person I called was my Aunt, to make sure my cousin was NOT in New York, but safely at home in NC. I was thankful to hear that she was.

LC Story: Affects

I think 9/11/01 made America aware of a lot of things: our vulnerability, our need to remember who we are as a nation, the sense of community+country that had been lost in commercialism and daily life. Don't get me wrong, I'm almost as conservative as they come, and I am not criticizing capitalism. I'm criticizing the mentality of getting, of coveting...which ruins lives and isolates people from one another. I think 9/11 brought this country back from the brink...and we must stay back from it, and CONTINUE to realize how blessed we are. I think that day brought many truth-seekers "out of the closet" and closer to knowing God, His graciousness and providence, and His plan for salvation and life.


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