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LC Story: Story

I was in college, but my classes were cancelled because a professor was going to be out of town. I had a dentist appointment, so I turned the radio on while driving. I was absolutely shocked! I could not fathom that this was actuallly taking place in New York. When I arrived, the dentist took me immediately to one of the rooms and I watched the television. The dental hygenist was encouraging me to floss more as the second tower fell. I felt strange as I watched the television and sat in the dentist chair.

LC Story: Memory

Honestly, the following year, I was student teaching at Vine Grove Elementary, here in Kentucky. We went out to flag pole and recited the Pledge as a school. I could hardly get through the words. One of the adults sang the "Star Spangled Banner." I was surprised that more of the children didn't show signs of any emotion, but I realized that for the most part they were not allowed to watch the events as they happened. I often wonder how this will effect their generation.

LC Story: Affects

I did not know anyone personally who was actually invovled in the situation, but I am very sensitive to stories I hear about the people who lost their lives. I was in New York City over the holiday and I was listening to someone talk about how New Yorkers could go to grocery stores and purchase items to help the relief workers. The story was not especially touching, but the thought of the day always ends up bringing tears to my eyes.


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