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LC Story: Story

when i herdd the news i was at the doctors office getting a check up before work. at the time i was a driver for domminos pizza inc. i could not believe it i thought that it was a joke at the time.

LC Story: Memory

the strongest memory of that day was when i went out side and saw the smoke riseing from the pentagon. i live and work about 30 min from the pentagon. i also remember that no one was able to get through to order any lunch. a coustomer came in and asked if we were afraid. no i wasent i was angry. death is certin for all of us, the question is when and how. and the manager and i knew that we as a country would do something about it. we jokes and said that we would find out who did this and turn that country into a parking lot.

LC Story: Affects

if i have changed it is the fact that i am no longer afraid of what other people think, or say about me because that is just worldly ego. and i have a right to be myself and if you like it it is ok, if not tuf luck. my father and my brother used to work at the pentagon but i feel glad that they were both retired when this happend. when something like this happens all you can do is rebulid and move on and not be afraid of what might happen. when it is your time, guess what there is nothing that you can do. it is a matter of when and how.


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