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LC Story: Story

In my home in Studio City, California. I turned on a news program and was still half asleep, watching the smoke come out of the first tower. I thought how odd, it must be the anniversary of the 1993 attack. I didn't pay attention, I needed to prepare for my new job interview at 3pm selling tours to Pakistan, Afganistan & India. Then the second plane slammed into the tower, I turned up the volume and was stunned, as the events unfolded, I was alarmed I live less than a mile from Universal, Disney & Warner Bros studios. Thought we were next.

LC Story: Memory

I went to my job interview, I thought for sure they would cancel, I actually got the job. I had been unemployed for over a month and was hanging on by a shoestring. The patrons on the bus were absolutely silent. Upon my return it was later in the afternoon around 4:30-5pm We got to Ventura Blvd a major street in Los Angeles. Cars began honking, cruising up and down with flags on the sides of their cars. People began to gather for candlelight vigils all up and down the Boulevard. For the first time I was actually proud of my city of Los Angeles, coming together like that. I cried openly on the bus.

LC Story: Affects

Never would I be the same, I did lose the job one week later as everyone canceled their trips to Afganistan, but I got a new one in less than a week. I had been trying to date a man for 5 years, and decided to confront him. No longer could I sit buy and take life for granted, we always don't have time, I continued at the new job to get promoted every 3-6 months and in 2 years left to form my own company. The man and I have been living together for over 2 years as Domestic Partners and plan to marry in Denmark. I have a wonderful home, family and still cannot help but shed a tear when I think of that day, and what all those families suffered.


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