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LC Story: Story

I was 15 years old, sitting in first period chemistry. In Staten Island , New York with a clear view of the NY skyline from the fourth floor windows.

LC Story: Memory

At first, we were told it was nothing to worry about. But we weren't stupid we could see, every kid was pressed up to the window watching the first tower in flames, our teacher included. Then as we looked the unthinkable happened, and being it was a Catholic School the first reaction from everyone was "Oh My God". Kids were being pulled out of class and picked up by theirparents. We heard F-16s fly overhead constantly. Then when i got home, i sat down took a deep breathe and put on the TV. Late that night people just wandered the streets of my neighborhood with blank faces..some lit candles, it was the eriest and saddest night I ever remember.

LC Story: Affects

I've only matured 2 years since 9\11. I've already adapted to my new train of thought, however i'm not terrified at all, in fact I feel more safe since the President's display of our military muscle.


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