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LC Story: Story

It'd been a completely normal weekday. I'd gotte up, gone to school, and was just sitting in Geometry, wishing for the class to end quickly. It was then that one of the other students walked in, having just come from the clinic. His words were simple, and I hadn't even really understood them until a few minutes later.
"The World Trade Center was hit."
Of course, everyone was somewhat disbeliving of him, but he'd said he'd seen the news on in the clinic, and that it was talking about it, so my teacher, Mr.Moore turned the news on, and there it was.
For the rest of the class we watched.
The bell rang, everyone got up to go to the next class, and I couldn't help but linger, watching the images on the screen as I slowly packed up my books. It was while I watched that the second plane hit. That's when what was really happening really hit me.
I went to Chemistry, and that teacher had the exact same thing on. The news. I couldn't take watching it... I was still in shock about what was happening.. America was being attacked! At that point, we still didn't know what or who...
I asked to go to the clinic, and upon getting there more of the reality of the situation hit me.
I was aware the Pentagon had been hit, but once I got to the clinic, I realized how many students had parents who worked there. Many were in shock, just as I was, while others cried, and tried desperately to cal parents andloved ones that may have worked there. I felt terrible taking up any time on the phone so I could call my Mom to get home... but I couldn't stay at school... it was too much to take there.

LC Story: Memory

When I went to the clinic, and all of the students there... you could litterally feel the fear and anguish in the air... some cried, and some just paced, or swayed, fear written on their expressions, worry deeply seeded in their eyes as they waited to make a call, to see if anyone they knew or loved had been hurt, or worse, killed by the attack.

LC Story: Affects

For a long time, even now actually, it makes us feel unsafe, and unsure. It was much like the sinking of the Titanic... we thought there was no way it could happen to us... that we were too large, too grand, ad far too supirior to ever get attacked by any country on our own turf... we were mistaken, much like the creators of the Titanic, when they found out she had sunken that cold night, we found out on September 11. But unlike the Titanic... America did not sink, but grew stronger over time... Ad now we're stronger then we've ever been, thanks to our President and our people.


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