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Greetings Mr. Phillips,   First my condolences to your community, we are not anywhere near where the tragedy has taken place, yet we are with you every moment of every day. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your neighborhood, community and all affected by this monsterous act.   With regards to the photo taken,I commend you on your work. I believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that you did indeed catch a glimpse of the evil that was presnt on the horrific day.   I'm am writting you hopes that you will give me written permission to use your picture. Our church has a wonderful website that we use to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. We would like to be able to show exactly what kind of forces were in operation that day. Some folks just do not have the understanding or comprehension that the enemy is real and does indeed cause manifested evil.We would like to use this as an opportunity to expose him as he is. Yes it was Osama Bin Laden, however he has forces behind him, such as the mysterious one eyes ruler that reigns over the Taliban that NO ONE has ever photographed. That would be a great one if you could get it !!! But reaching far beyond our normalcy of every day living , the things of the spirit do exist.   With your permission we would really appreciate the opportunity to use the photo. Of course in doing so we would make sure that we state that the photo journalist in no way contributed to the beliefs or statements pertaining to our article. We also understand that any copying would be expressly prohibited.   If possible can a picture be downloaded that does not have the writting inscribed on it ?   We appreciate your professionalism as a photographer.You did a wonderful job, only to be commended.   We Look forward to hearing from you. We will be praying for you.   May God Bless this Nation and bring us back to Him, where we never should have strayed from. <br>

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Tue, 18 Sep 2001 22:29:39 -0500

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Photo Taken


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