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hi...and God Bless You and America.....


hi...and God Bless You and America.....



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Hi Mark and Stellar Images,   I saw the picture today for the first time and I agree it is a very scary, but an interesting picture. I feel also the Devil and Bin Laden is behind the horrific terrible tradegy. My husband works for American Airlines, he is a Crew Chief at the DFW Airport, and he has never seen anything like this before damage the airline industry and hundreds of people's lives. He has been there for 17yrs. so thank god he wont get laid off, like the poor other employee's.   But mainly, I hurt and I am deeply sad for the families of the innocent victims, the firefighters that are doing their job, and the people of the United States and all over that have been deeply hurt over this attack on our country/America. United We Stand....We are the people of America and we have to find who is responsible for this attack and have no mercy on them, the whole network of terrorists should be brought to justice by whatever it takes, which I believe should be War....I just pray for all the upcoming soldiers, that will fight to protect our country.   You, Mark did your job as a photographer and I am proud you were able to take this picture to show the world there is a wrong behind this attack which starts with the Devil..and then Bin Laden....and his network.   God is with everyone at this time of hurt, pain and he gives strength to the volunteers that continue to fight through the rubble to try and find victims. God is also the one to trust in this time of pain and sorrow. God is also with you Mark, and your company, Stellar Images. take care and God Bless You.   Renee Barlow....Decatur, Texas<br>

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Sun, 23 Sep 2001 18:38:02 -0500

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hi...and God Bless You and America.....


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