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LC Story: Story

I work at the Fort Myer Military Community, Housing Office at Fort Myer, VA. Fort Myer is right next to Arlington Cemetary and the Pentagon. We had heard the news of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center tower, so we turned on the TV in one of the offices. Then a second plane crashed into the second tower of the World Trade Center. I remember thinking to myself, this must be a terror attack, and not just an accident. I went back to my desk to continue working. I could see out the window from my desk, and one of my co-workers was outside, pointed up to the sky. Then I heard the most terrifying boom, like a bomb went off. We all ran outside, and we could see that the Pentagon was smoking. My co-worker said that a plane, which I heard flew the wrong way overhead. Planes from National Airport normally fly overhead from right to left, this one went over left to right. I felt so terrified, and went back into the office to call home. I was told to stay on Post by my retired Navy friend, but my bosses were saying to go home. I got my things and drove off of Post. Since, I live in DC, and I would have to cross two bridges to get home, I was terrified. I drove one way, and that was blocked off and I drove another, people were going through red lights and stop signs, sirens were going everywhere, it was like a war zone. I finally got on Route 50, headed to DC and drove on to the GW Parkway toward National Airport. Has I drove close to the burning Pentagon, I could see people walking like they were zombies, some without their shoes. I was able to get on Rt. 395 ramp to go across the 14th Street Bridge, but I could see that police had all traffic blocked from coming to the Bridge. I didn't know whether DC southwest/east freeway and bridges were going to be the next bombed before I could get home. Traffic was backed up, and everyone was in a panic. I couldn't get out of traffic, because police had places I would normally go, blocked off. I remember I was crying and very upset. I could see the Pentagon burning & smoking from just up the street from my home. I thanked God, when I arrived at my home safely.

LC Story: Memory

The loud boom of the airplane hitting the Pentagon.

LC Story: Affects

Life will never be the same, we will always have to be on guard.


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