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LC Story: Story

On the morning of Sept 11, 2001, I was at work when a fellow collegue told me that the World Trade Center was just hit by a plan. I thought for sure he meant a small plane, never imagining what events actually took place on that morning. Once I realized that he was not kidding, I immediately thought of my brother in law who worked in Tower One. At that point I was not sure which floor he worked on, but thought he would escape just like he did in 1993. I franically walked around my office trying desperately to contact my mother in law or anyone else in my family to find out what really happened. Of course, all phone lines were busy so I decided to head right for my sister in laws. When I arrived, I asked which floor he was on. When I realized that he was in the upper floors and saw the news footage, I knew he was not going to make it out alive. Not knowing what was happening in the world, I went to take my son out of school so I knew he would be safe.

LC Story: Memory

My strongest memory of that day was thinking not again, as my 42 year old husband has just passed away suddenly 18 months prior to Sept 11th, 2001. My then 10 year old niece was getting ready to celebrate her 11th birthday and my heart sank. I remember calling every local hospital hoping that someone would tell me that Michael was found alive and well.

LC Story: Affects

The events of Sept 11th, 2001 affected the country severly as the American people banded together in unity to help each other in a tragic time. Personally, 911 affected me as my 47 year old brother in law was tragically killed that day. Seeing my sister in law going through the death of her husband and brother within 18 months was too much to bear.


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