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Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2002 10:51 AM
Subject: 9-11 Fund

My understanding of the purpose of the victim's compensation fund was
that taxpayer funds would be used to assist those in need due to sudden
and tragic loss in family income. A worthy goal. I do not support
claims by those who are not so affected. For example, I read an article
in the Los Angeles Times claiming that families of firefighters were
complaining because the benefits they were already entitled to receive
(i.e., life insurance, pension, health, etc.) were so generous that they
would receive basically nothing from the 9-11 fund because those
benefits have to be deducted under the formula. THAT IS EXACTLY THE WAY
IT SHOULD BE! These folks are unaffected financially by the tragedy.
We all empathize with the loss of a family member, but that loss can
never be compensated by money -- and should not be compensated by
taxpayers. Such complaints sound to me like a simple case of greed.
Even those complaining will still be entitled to receive monies from the
private charitable funds donated for that purpose. If I may quote
another fellow taxpayer "We feel your grief, really. I'm just wondering
if we have to feel your greed, too."

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