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Monday, January 28, 2002 8:39 AM

My comment is that I would hope that the announced, complex formulaic method of calculating victim compensation awards for the survivors of the 9/11 attack will be reconsidered in favor of a set figure (or, at most, a very simple calculation based on number of dependents) for each death.

IMO, fairness and pragmatism coincide in this matter. Each life was precious, each death outrageous, each surviving victim worthy of our compassion, in equal measure. Insurance, pensions, savings, etc. etc. etc. should have NOTHING to do with it.

If some were able to achieve some financial mitigation of catastrophe on their own, or via their professional associations, so much the better. As a matter of policy, this should be encouraged, not penalized.

It seems obvious to me that compensation in this matter would be most fairly perceived by the public and by the surviving victims if it were awarded completely without reference to the deceased individual's prior financial preparation. The message would then be, "Every victim of terrorism matters equally, period". Such a policy is its own defense. The current disgusting media circus of claims, counterclaims, nitpicking and carping would not exist if this policy were adopted.

Please reconsider, and adopt the obvious, simplest, and fairest policy as suggested.

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