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LC Story: Story

I remember the events of that day as if it were yesterday, not two years ago. I was filling in for the Executive Assistant at our command. Miss Mary came running into the office and said that a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center. I thought she was joking, and if she wasn't that it must be an accident - a small plane crashed into the building. We all went into the Commanding Officer's conference room, and witnessed the 2nd crash and then the Pentagon crash. I was in a state of shock - I felt like I was living in a dream world. The CO/XO immediately went down to OPCON and to War Briefs. I handled a number of people coming into the office and calling on the phone the best I could. Our command streamed CNN to our personnal PC's so that we could keep abreast of the events as they unfolded. The base was secured - it took my husband hours to pick up our almost one year old Cassidy from the base day care; thankfully she was not aware of what was happening. I was one of the last civilians to leave the command that day, still in a state of shock. Terrorism happens in third world countries, not the U.S. For three days, the base was in total shutdown and my husband, a submariner, and I were glued to FOX News. For three days I was in a state of shock. Cassidy probably didn't understand why mommy was holding her so tight at times. I still can't believe it happened. Thousands of people lost thier lives for no real good reason, not that there is ever a good reason.

LC Story: Memory

My strongest memory is seeing the twin towers collapse over and over and over... It was heart wrenching. Military targets are one thing, but to target innocent civilians - and the children that were in the day cares...I can honestly say I wanted to personnally kill Osama and anyone else involved with him for what they did.

LC Story: Affects

We have realized we are not invulnerable, we are not as safe as we thought we were. Unfortunately it took this terrible act to realize it. Security has been heightened. I tend to look at people a little differently than before - a little more wearily. I appreciate life a little more and am trying to live to the fullest extent possible. I now have two beautiful daughters that I hope never have to witness such a horrific event ever again. The U.S. as a country has become more cohesive that it has been in a long time. In times of suffering the U.S. always pulls together and becomes stronger. Everyone has come together to fight the terrorism that plagues the world. At the same time, I hope all the fighting, although worth the outcome ends soon and maybe people can live in peace? Maybe it is just a pipedream, but I have hope.


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