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LC Story: Story

I was just coming back from a morning workout and turned on the TV to hear/see the tradegy unfold...actually seeing the second plane hitting the second tower....unbelieveable! I was hoping it wasn't true...that it was some weird preview to a "new" upcoming movie or something...

I immediate called my father & told him I was stopping into work breifly & then driving the 45 minutes to his house to be with him during this terrible event(s) that were unfolding....who knew @ that time if we'd be next here in the Midwest...very UNCERTAIN times indeed!

The most important thing it did for the American people was bring us back together with our families, friends, and important people in our personal & professional lives! Which we should never, ever take for granted...I never have and I sure will NOT from 9/11/01 on!

Nick Willey
Davenport, IA

LC Story: Memory

The actual sight of the second plane hitting the tower live on TV....then the actual collapse of the towers!

LC Story: Affects

It has put everyone's priorities back in & friends are ALWAYS #1!

Personally....just reinforced the each day likes it's your last & love the people that love you!


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