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LC Story: Story

I was in Austin, Texas. I was taking the bus and attempting to reach my storage locker. It was necessary for me to take two buses and then WALK to the storage site. My items were in storage for some time due to the fact I had been unable to obtain constant and safe housing. Due to CONSTANT problems with my bank I had a lot of cash BUT no identification.

LC Story: Memory

Par for the course. This is the country that was unable to protect my minor child and myself (if, you could CALL what happened to me "protection") when I, as an Independent Fee Appraiser for the Veteran's Administration in Los Angeles, complained to the so-called proper authorities about irregularities concerning my work and the lack of co-operation and truthfulness of "individuals" from these organizations.

LC Story: Affects

Where is my house, my home, my child, my dog, my cat, my career(that I worked for!), my belongings, ALL my legal rights et cetera? If this country had more people like me none of this would have ever happened! Certain individuals in this country were so interested in trying to make me something I am not and could never be in order to "feather" their own nests.

Bratislava, Slovakia, Pope John Paul II,9/11/03 "...a
society respectful of human life in all its
expressions that promotes the family as a place of
reciprocal love and growth of persons, that seeks the
common good and is attentive to the needs of the
weakest". . . .

"Do not be satisfied with the soul quest for economic
advantages. Great affluence, in fact, can also
generate great poverty."

Subject: 8/25/2003/Associated Press/Gina
Holland/Supreme Court Article/Miranda Rights
NYT, International, 8/23/03, ". . . Life on the

Article I, Section 19 of the Texas Constitution
states: "No citizen
of this state shall be deprived of life, liberty,
property, privileges
or immunities, or in any other manner disenfranchised,
except by
the due course of the law of the land."
It is the continuous flagrant actions of the following
self-serving sneaks(on both sides)that causes these
and other types of monetary/legal shortfalls.
So justify this, if you can!
This "play for cash, food, hotel room(lodging)" is no
new thing.
If one wants to put someone into jail, cause trouble
even kill or injure a person
with no retaliation just go to your local
shelters(both religious
and non-religious). These low lifes get preference in
dealing with not only
their immediate needs, food, shelter, cash, but also a
on their so-called mental/physical state, employment
and any pending legal
problems/arrests. Misplace a file, letter(s), phone
call or bank
withdrawal in exchange for payback for services
I guess if I was a
trans-sexual/racial/handicapped/disabled minority I
would get a better response. The fact that I was left
without money
or legal redress on a consistent basis doesn't appear
to be a concern to ANYONE!
I was an Independent Fee Appraiser for the Veterans
in Los Angeles, California and what is/was done to me
is not only
disgraceful, traumatic and extremely disgusting it is
a matter of
public record. I am able to speak with considerable
authority as to the lack of sensitivity to
a single self-sufficient working mother of a minor
child not on
welfare or ingesting, illegal or otherwise, drugs et
cetera. A person who not only
was a responsible homeowner but in the true sense of
the word a
"compassionate and caring" landlord. And, much to my
as the record shows, a good and concerned citizen to
an ungrateful
two-timing/two-faced sniveling nation. A woman who,
under the guise
of National Security(FBI File 18903TA0), has been
denied the basic
necessities of life, limb, security and justice.
Let's talk about Drs. Frankenstein and unmentionable
Nazis who cloak
their activities by the bastardization and
prostitution of the Legal/Health
Care System for their own advancement.
An arrest in Austin, Texas, October 17,2001 on the
University of
Texas at Austin. Confinement in solitary for 45 days
in a highly litigated,
ill-constructed and unhealthful Criminal justice
Center. The transfer
to a mental hospital after being notified by the
mental health worker for the
sheriff's department that the Request for Personal
Recog. was signed
by a Judge "two weeks" prior to being transmitted to
me and after refusing a
Plea Bargain.
A convenient re-arrest periodically, in this case May
29, 2003 and
incarceration until July 23, 2003 and re-psych
evaluation. Crime
still the original University of Texas litigation and
the incorrect
Request for Personal Recog. paperwork plus another
convenient Criminal
Trespass and dubious criminal charge.(Booking
Such actions set a dangerous precedent if this is not
dealt with.
I am not and I repeat NOT an experimental specimen to
be subjected
to flagrant indecent mishandling and abuse. The fact
that I am
still alive and kicking and very healthy demonstrates
their total
ineptitude and why this country is experiencing the
it is today. FBI File 18903TA0
3/5/03, Houston Chronicle, Political Cartoon,
Editorial Page
"But of course, nothing like this would ever happen to
a person of, uh,
Shoddy lab work, shoddy legal counsel, shoddy appeals
and who knows how
many wrongful convictions and . . . "


Carol Davidson
I used think an American Citizen with no FBI file!

I read your article in the Austin American
Statesman,12/15/03,Bullied Child Grew Into A
Dictator", Gee, how does this justify what was/is
being done to me?


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