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LC Story: Story

I was at work on capitol hill when I heard the news. We tried to watch the news and then people started calling the office saying they were bombing capitol hill. Some co-workers and I left the building and ran to a friend's house about 10 blocks away. As we ran we kept hearing large booms that we assumed were bombs. We later found out it was the sonic booms from the jets taking of from Andrews Air Force Base. We stayed at our friend's house until late that evening when it was clear to drive back to Virginia and Maryland.

LC Story: Memory

The horrible moments when I didn't know if my family and friends were safe. The feeling of helplessness because you didn't know how you could assist those in need!

LC Story: Affects

In the beginning I feel it brought our country closer together. I now feel that our political leaders are using the events of September 11 as an excuse to promote their own agenda and financial gain.


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