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RE: [MAPC-coord] GM location update


RE: [MAPC-coord] GM location update



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The Wilmar center has been booked for Oct. 30 at 6:30.  As it turns out, the
fee is "donation only" b/c MAPC is/could be a non-profit.  We have the
upstairs room and the Monona room for childcare.  I will take care of the

Re:  other places for next meetings, I'll ask if I can hand this part over
to X.

I'm not sure what to say about arranging rides there for students.  I
unfortunately don't have the time to do that.

Is anyone willing to consider changing CC mtgs to later in the day/eve, and
trying other places, such as the near east side?

X, I'd be glad to take the petitions.  You can give them my contact info:

Peace, X

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Thanks for the update. It looks like WilMar is the only available option for
the 30th. My concern with that location is that it's quite far from campus
compared to some of the other options, which aren't available. Can we think
of any other places? Any other ideas? If we book WilMar, we may want to
consider organizing transportation for students. I'd hate to lose or
diminish our student involvement as a result of meeting location. One
thought--we could advertise free rides on our poster (e.g., for free rides,
call xx).

X, the La Crosse peace group sent me an email today about the anti-war
petitioning that they're doing. They want to know where to send their
petitions. Could I tell them to send the petitions to you? Even if we don't
have a petition campaign yet, it seems that petitioning would fall under the
auspices of the Policy committee. I don't want to leave them hanging because
they are a small, but dedicated group and really want to work with us. I
would think we could funnel these petitions and any others that are
collected in the future to the appropriate governmental officials. What do
you think?


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> Hi folks - Here's the update on the GM 10/30.  All places have a separate
> room for childcare.  All are accessible by bus, as far as I can tell.
> Wilmar 257-4576:  $30 per hour for two rooms.  Available all evening.
> Holds plenty of people. $25 key deposit.
> Atwood neighborhood ctr, 241-1574: $1 per person suggested.  Holds 99
> people.  Avail. Tues after 7:30, Mondays after 7, Weds after 8:30. $25 key
> deposit.
> Neighborhood House, Mills/Park, 255-5337:  Upstairs room only holds 70 -
> people.  Gym is taken til 2002.  Said we should come see it.  Free.
> Friends Mtg House, off Monroe St, 256-2249:  Left message.  Said
> might work".  Need more info.
> Luke House, 310 S. Ingersoll, 256-6325:  Dinner in space til 7:30.  Holds
> people at tables.  Parking limited (no lot).  They want a pamphlet to find
> out more about us.  Told us to visit.  Ask for X.  Free.
> It appears Wilmar is the only place available before 7:30, and one of the
> few with enough space for the 100 - 140 people I've counted at the last
> meetings.  While it will probably cost $90 or so, I would suggest this
> for Oct. 30 and we can find a different, free space in the future if
> agree to meet later in the evening AND less people start showing up.
> Shall I book Wilmar, or do people have other ideas?
> Peace, x

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Thursday, October 25, 2001 4:18 PM

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RE: [MAPC-coord] GM location update


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