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RE: [MAPC-coord] Re: [MAPC-media] Fwd: Possible person's name


RE: [MAPC-coord] Re: [MAPC-media] Fwd: Possible person's name



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Well, you're probably right about x being a student. As far as
"painting ourselves too student-like", I am fully aware of the role
students are playing in the movement. I am also all too aware that
the media and politicians are attempting to ghetto-ize the peace
movement as solely campus based.

The bulk of the readership of the WSJ is not on campus. It only makes
sense that we attempt to portray the movement as broader than the
campus in order to reach out to them. I don't think it will have the
same appeal if we let the media slant this as the peace movement
being student dominated. In any case, I am certainly not arguing that
students aren't well represented, I am just saying we need to be as
diverse as possible.

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On Tue, 16 Oct 2001 22:50:27 -0500  "x" wrote:

> I think we should consider asking x not to speak (even though he
> has agreed to), to make room for a non-student. I think x might be a good candidate. He is one of the spokespeople
> for the group, and has been active for years in treaty rights and
> anti-mining organizing. He actually has a base of support in
> upstate and rural Wisconsin.

last i heard, x was still a grad student here at UW.  so, even
though he doesn't look the part, he's still technically a student.
don't get me wrong, i think he'd be a great person to be in on the
interview, but that's b/c he knows his shit backwards and forwards,
and has experience dealing w/ the media, not b/c he's a non-student.

and, regarding painting ourselves as too student-like....

over 600 students came out to a campus rally in mid september.  all
our actions have been attended by a large number of students.  the
people who made the trip to DC for the nat'l march against the war
were predominantly students.  if this article is about the anti-war
movement as a whole, not just about mapc, i think 1/2 student is a
very accurate picture of who's been involved.  even mapc has a lot of
students involved in its organizing and activities.

In solidarity,

International Socialist Organization
United Faculty and Academic Staff, AFT Local 223

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Wednesday, October 17, 2001 1:28 PM

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RE: [MAPC-coord] Re: [MAPC-media] Fwd: Possible person's name


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