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[MAPC-discuss] Madison: Palestine solidarity vigil, 11/2


[MAPC-discuss] Madison: Palestine solidarity vigil, 11/2



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Friday marks the first anniversary of the weekly vigil on the U.W. Library
Mall in solidarity with Palestine.

None of us, when we began, anticipated that we would be gathering a year
later.  Nor did we expect to see that the situation on the ground in the
Occupied West Bank and Gaza would be worse.

Despite all rhetoric from the Bush administration, the war drive against
Afghanistan has allowed the Israelis to escalate their all out attacks on
Palestine towns and villages. The level of state terror -- home
destructions, assaults on non-combattants, casualties -- has actually
increased despite warnings from the US.

Our presence, our visibility, our voice is more important than ever at
this time when so much attention has been drawn away from
Israel/Palestine.  Please come this Friday, any time between 11:30 and
1:00pm.  Bring signs calling for an end to the Occupation and an end to US
"aid" to Israel.  Drees in black.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2001 7:34 AM

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[MAPC-discuss] Madison: Palestine solidarity vigil, 11/2


“[MAPC-discuss] Madison: Palestine solidarity vigil, 11/2,” September 11 Digital Archive, accessed February 21, 2020,