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LC Story: Story

I was just pulling into a parking garage in Midtown
Manhattan when reports of a "commuter" plane hitting
the World Trade Center's North Tower were coming
on the radio. I parked my car and walked to a meeting
at a building on 5th Ave. I had a clear view of this
enormous hole in the North side of #1 World Trade
Center and knew immediately that it was no commuter
plane that struck the building. I proceeded to meet
my colleagues and quickly learned that the second
plane hit #2 World Trade Center and realized that
our lives had changed forever.

LC Story: Memory

My strongest memory of the day was my inability to
comprehend that these magnificent buildings were
gone. Having seen them when I walked toward my
meeting in the morning only to witness them disappearin
by the afternoon will remain with me forever. To
this day and for the rest of my life the vision of
that gaping hole will remain etched im my memory.

On a personal note, my inability to contact my family
and inform them that I was safe was extraordinarily
frustrating. It was not until I finally spoke with
my wife that I broke down from all of the emotions
of the day.

LC Story: Affects

I no longer take for granted the freedoms that we
enjoyed without thought. Now, I have to wonder if
when I cross a bridge it is safe, traveling in a
subway is safe, or certainly flying in a plane is safe.
When I kiss my wife goodbye in the morning I actually
think about whether or not I will see her at night.
I wake up in the morning listening for the news to
make sure that nothing has been destroyed. Most
recently I fear seeing a mushroom cloud rising over


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