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LC Story: Story

I was at work on the 24th floor of a federal building in the heart of chicago, just 4 blocks away from the Sears Tower. Someone had a portable tv, so we witnessed it all unfold. Then there was a concern that a plane was lost, so we thought it could be on it's way to chicago. We immediately left the building. I literally ran to the commuter train station 1/4 mile away. When I got there, the conductor advised everyone that the train was the last one out of the city, and it was about to depart any second. Exhausted, I ran to the train and sat with 3 ladies who seemed so calm. I began to shake uncontrolably, unable to dial my cell phone. When I was finally able to dial, I couldn't get a connection. I immediately began to panic. All I could imagine was that the city would be blown up and there'd be chaos. The three ladies began to comfort me, engaging me in conversation unrelated to the current situation. Once I got home, I noticed that there was very little traffic, the mall and stores were closed, and there were no airplanes flying above.

LC Story: Memory

I began to examine my mortality.

LC Story: Affects

I decided to make changes in my life toward the goal of having a family.


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