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The Rescue Angel doll was brought to NYC from Binghamton, NY and placed overlooking the activity in one of supply depots for rescue workers.

Third of the a series of four black-and-white images rendered with a dry-erase marker. This is, obviously, a low-angle perspective from the main plaza; the angled roofline of the Marriot Hotel bridges the gap between the towers at the bottom.

Banners from around the country hanging in the Pentagon Hallways

I painted this image in February 2000. It was the first in a series of floralscapes I was (and am still) working on. On September 11, 2001 it took on an eerily prophet meaning.
I wish the message it to convey now is one of our country blossoming…

I watched both planes hit from the kitchen window of my office.

I completed this drawing on September 12, 2001. My tribute to the 343 Firefighters killed in the line of duty the day before

My daughter was exactly one week away from her 6th birthday on 9/11/01. We tried to explain the best we could, not sure if she understood the terrible events that had taken place just a few miles from where we live in New York City.

The morning…

This Is A Piece of artwork in which I completed 3 days after the attacks. It shows that a tragedy of this magnitude effects everyone, even animals, as the rescue dogs confirmed.

The Forgotten of the WTC, Cover art. Undocumented immigrant victims of the WTC attacks are honored in Day of the Dead ceremonies sponsored by Asociación Tepeyac. (videotape, Asociación Tepeyac, producción; Vicencio Marquez, Javier de la Torre,…

Artists have always been a mirror of the cultures in which they live, and through their work, they express society's pain, yearnings and triumphs. As we try to come to grips with the unspeakable horror of the terrorists attacks of September Eleventh,…

Second Tragedy 2000 years later.JPG
The title of this painting is " SECOND TRAGEDY,2000 YEARS LATER. it depicts the first tragedy to be the death of Christ on the cross, and the second tragedy, 2000 years later, the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, where 3,000 innocent…

911Collage 4.GIF
Collage to honor the Heroes of 9-11. This is the other half of the collage previously submitted by me. The original is 16" x 20" and was scanned in two parts

daytime - night time
opposites- day the solid (the bodies) are remembered
night the bright glass reaches for the stars (the souls)
two solids brought together by a middle plane of light
two in one. stronger

"Americans Side By Side" 15"x24" lithograph; Design: Suka Design; Copy: Steven Susi

Frustrated by their inability to help with the recovery efforts immediately after the attacks of September 11, Suka Design of New York turned to what they could…

This is the American flag created out of News paper headlines from the event of September 11. I have also use acrylic paint for the red strips. The title of this painting is "WAR ON AMERICA"

This submission is of two Memory Album Pages I did for my personal Scrapbook. Attached in this first submission is the right page, the left page will be in a second submission.

In December 2001, I read this poem. It touched me so deeply that I felt compelled to recreate it into a graphic depiction. It represented how I believe people must have been feeling: Lost ... and Found. This poem gave me comfort and belief that…

I've been wanting to do a few very colorful, attractive drawings of the World Trade Center for a long time. This is the first one. It's a shot looking east from the Hudson River, with the World Financial Center buildings in front of the towers. …

This image is an oil painting on panel created as an inspirational view of the metal skin that survived after the collapse. This is a fence vision of a very important symbol of this violent event the metal crossed skin that survived creating a sense…

March Evening.jpg
We could see the Twin Towers from our living room window. They reflected many different colors depending on the light. I painted them many times from my window and from Downtown. This was the first painting.
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