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This was drawn by my daughter, Pamela, who was 5 years old at the time. Until she started bringing pictures home where the house was now twin towers instead of her typical house, I had no idea how much this had affected her.

Banners from around the country hanging in the Pentagon Hallways

This is a watercolor I recently did of the World Trade Center. It's a view looking north, with WTC 2 (the south tower) on the right and WTC 1 (north tower) on the left. To the right is WTC 4; to the left are the pedestrian walkway over West Street…

This is a sketch I did of the towers, facing them from the southeast with WTC 2 nearest the viewer. I did not work from an existing photograph, but my knowledge of the site is satisfactory. You can see the Woolworth Building in the background.

E Pluribus Unum-1s.jpg
Photograph of an original painting entitled E Pluribus Unum, which was planned a few weeks after 9/11. From the bottom up: The Hudson River and the WTC; New York's new skyline; the National Cemetery; the Pentagon at night after the attack; the…

Banner displayed in the Pentagon Hallway

This image is my daughter's reaction to the events of 9-11. She was 6 years old at the time. This was not prompted by myself or a school assignment, she spontaneously drew it as her way of coping. It shows the twin towers with smoke above, two…

I painted this picture between 12/01 and 9/02. It is oil on canvas. I wanted to portray the buildings as living beings and show them reacting with the emotions of people that I saw in the photographs taken on that day.

This is a drawing that according to the Commanding Officer of the Navy Command I was mobilized to was drawn by a high school student in Ohio in the Fall of 2001. Unfortunately, I don't have the name of the artist so they can get credit for it. It…

This image depicts the explosion caused by the second plane impact into the south face of Tower 2 (South Tower). I drew it using a relatively popular film still taken from footage of the south tower impact. It's not a pretty sight, but I felt…

My five year old daughter created this image (as a series of images that she titled "The Very Sad Day"), which she made days after the horrific events of 9-11-01. This is the one we like best!

Martin Minter
Phoenix, Arizona

Title: "September Ascension" by Mario Pocoroba
This image is a 6.5"x 7.5" marker and pencil study of a much larger (48"x 48") oil painting-sculpture which is currently in progress and will be completed by the first anniversary, 9/11/2002. On the…

I thought that Maxine said it well. New York Stand Proud. We all support you.

MERÜZ 6A.jpg

Chaque fois que la nostalgie
Tombe sur mes yeux
Je vais sur les quais à chansons
Et j'y attends le matin…

Une lumière trompe mes yeux
En remplissant la mer dans des photos déchirées
Les rivages s'ouvrent ensuite
Et on entend…

I painted this on 9/11/01. I call it "INFAMIE" I created it for all the Mothers that have lost the ones they love. Including MOTHER AMERICA. She is now owned by a collector in Denver, Colorado. God Bless America!

Banners from around the country hanging in the Pentagon Hallways

I felt the emotion as he spoke, his voice slightly quivered as he tried to maintain composure, and I saw the pain reflected on his teary eyes. He was the voice of this Nation, conveying the Pride, Courage and Honor of our people. With a profound…

Liberty at convntn1.jpg
This is a plaster sculpture created by a group of junior high students near Columbus, Ohio. They spent 5 months working on it to convey their deep sorrow. They chose this pose after seeing many images on television of the New York skyline that…

Sept 11.JPG
This picture is done by Alanna (age 13). It's called "I hold in my hand the unity of man". It won 3rd place in a Reflections contest.

This drawing is titled "Moving Forward," and looks at my gradual progress of recovery, which is like moving through a new tunnel not quite knowing what's on the other side, but the end looks brighter, more hopeful. The mirror reflects upon the past.
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