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15th Anniversary Collection


15th Anniversary Collection

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9/11  Tribute
I created this the day after the towers fell. I put it in my window for all patriotic holidays and especially each 9/11. God bless every life that was touched that day!

Two towers...falling
I worked in the building above the Holland tunnel... (1 Hudson Sq.)...and was 'corralled' on that block for several hours.. but, took 27 photos on my way to work that day, along Canal st., NYC..

Oh How I Wish I Could a 9/11 Memorial
An Amazingly haunting and beautiful Memorial to the Victims of 9/11 written by a 4th Generation Christian Immigrant from Pakistan.

Marcelo Pantoja
I took this picture..I was there...I found it yesterday.....15 years after the event.

Marcelo Pantoja

A Way To Remember 9-11 [Lightbox]: NYC
A Way To Remember 9/11: New York City
This painting, “We Are Different Now Forever - Memorial for 9/11” is of a calla lily in dark blue
space as a stylized image tilting inside a bleak,
black square with all the terror of Ground Zero
being in…

Bobs 9_11 pics
Pictures taken by me on Sept. 11, 2001, on way to work, Canal sts & Ave of the America's...

Bobs 9 _11 photos
Burning buildings of downtown, from Canal St. NYC

WTC lights 9/11/06
For each anniversary, flood lights were placed at the site near the foot print of the towers. When you were close to base of the lights, you could see glowing particles drifting up to the sky. It was an amazing image.

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