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Jessica Degroft



Jessica Degroft

How has your life changed because of what happened on September 11, 2001?

I lost someone I loved on this day. I was in high school in princess anne maryland in typing class 101. my dear friend called me and said I love you very much and you have a gift on the way. next thing I knew the phone hung up and i was told to go back to class and stay there. I looked at the tv walking and the room and cried my eyes out. when they finally let us go home I checked my AOL messenger for any news from my friend. Nothing for almost a week and then I get a message from his mom saying that he had passed away trying to escape the tower and his body was never found. My heart dropped I lost my friend and my first love. I will always remember this day it will never be forgotten. To my friend who died I love you and miss you I just hope you are proud of me.

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