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[MAPC-coord] Re: sat, oct 27


[MAPC-coord] Re: sat, oct 27



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   Just wanted to let you know that I have talked to the reservations
person for Memorial Union, Union So., and the Red Gym.  If we are
sponsored by a student organization on campus, we can use spaces in
any of those facilities without charge.  The person I originally
spoke to hadn't mentioned that as an option.

   I also contacted X of the UW Greens, and the Greens are
willing to be the student organization on campus to "sponsor" MAPC
events.  If we can target a few dates that might work, I can check on
accomodations.  We could have used Tripp Commons Saturday, but not
until 2:30p.m..  It would be nice to be able to plan without weather
concerns, but then we need to estimate approximately how many people
may attend in order to reserve enough space.  Maybe we could reserve
Tripp commons and spill out onto  the terrace if the weather
permits...  It would also be great to use Peace Park for some shorter
events (due to cold.)  With the planning committee considering it's
future, we could show them it can be put to good use as is.

   I will also ask the DJ's at WORT to announce the cancellation
whenever there is an opportunity Thursday- Saturday.

   For those who posted signs, it might be a good idea to tack a
bright-colored note about the cancellation, or just write on the
original poster.  Hopefully not too many will actually venture to the
mall Saturday, especially if the weather is discouraging.

   X, I will volunteer to share representing the arts & cultural
committee with X.  Sorry we ran into this snag just when you
had a lot of other things going on.


>ok guys this is a quick one
>here's the lowdown:
>great hall looks like it's out
>library mall is out.
>peace park could work but it will be f-ing cold.
>here's what i propose:
>we cut our losses. the publicity has not been so huge
>that it would look bad. most folks would not come out
>due to the cold. i simply have not had the time this
>week to try to get something more together, and i
>think that having the event indoors on intention is
>kind of opposite what we had hoped: to have it
>outdoors while we can...
>unless anyone is drastically opposed, i will start
>publicizing tomorrow that the event is cancelled due
>to unforeseen bad weather...on our website, at least.
>i will also go down on saturday and put signs up in
>library mall, sort of apology signs.
>that's about it. s'ok. i guess we just found out that
>two weeks notice is not necessarily enough...
>: )
>let's regroup, gather up more connections, and do
>somethin huge.
>: )
>in faith and exhaustion,
>ps X has said she would like to share cc
>position with someone. anyone interested?
>X (X) madison wi usa
>                              X
> X
>book o the week: the archivist by martha cooley

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Wednesday, October 24, 2001 5:55 PM

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[MAPC-coord] Re: sat, oct 27


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