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[MAPC-coord] Brief Media Committee status


[MAPC-coord] Brief Media Committee status



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The press conference this morning was generally successful.
Wisconsin State Journal, WIBA, Wisconsin Public Radio, WYOU,
and Badger Herald attended.  So six of the 12 chairs set up for
press were filled by the press, and two more were filled by some
peace movement people who showed up in solidarity.  X and
I were there to set up and coordinate.  X, X, X,
X, and X spoke and answered questions.
X and X represented MAPC very well.

We are planning a press release for next week Wednesday or Thursday
to prepare for the 17th.

We have sent Fast information to around 100 church bulletins
through Madison Urban Ministry.

X (who pronounces her last name with a French
accent) will represent Media this week at the coordcom meeting.

I overspent on the Isthmus ad in order to guarantee placement
on page five.  Ad cost $435.  You can tell me to eat the overage
if you must, but it seemed like the right thing to do.  Ad will
appear in the 11/15 Isthmus.

In addition to writing a lot of releases and rewriting some others,
X has produced a lot of photocopied material on Afghanistan.
Some of it is in the press kits we prepared for today's news
conference.  I think it would be nice if X or X had a copy
of the press kit along to pass around and share what we gave
the media today (X did a lot of the copy work and all the
folder preparation on these).

X is following up on X instructions that we
get stuff on the Insurgent Radio Kiosk and a couple other bulletin

We've been really busy the last few weeks and I think it's starting
to show in the media.


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Friday, November 09, 2001 3:59 PM

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[MAPC-coord] Brief Media Committee status


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