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RE: [MAPC-coord] Teach-in


RE: [MAPC-coord] Teach-in



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I would support this.  In fact, I wonder if we could put this
on in conjunction with some other resources who could discuss
Iraq issues and perhaps Afghan women's issues... maybe take the
opportunity to discuss "the Broadening War."  A 45 minute opportunity
is good, and maybe an afternoon or evening with a somewhat broader
program would be even better!

The following from The Observer's 9/30 article on "infinite War"
bears thinking about:
"The plans put before the President during the past few days
involve expanding the war beyond Afghanistan to include similar
incursions by special ops forces - followed by air strikes by
the bombers they would guide - into Iraq, Syria and the Beqaa
Valley area of Lebanon, where the Syrian-backed Hizbollah (Party
of God) fighters that harass Israel are based.

In Iraq, any site suspected of being a chemical weapons facility
or proliferation plant of any threatening kind would be bombed,
in an escalation of the almost weekly current harassment of Iraqi
installations by British and US fighter jets.

In Syria and Lebanon, as in Afghanistan, special ops would guide
air strikes, and also be called on to mount guerrilla-style raids
on training camps and to carry out assassinations. While a presidential
executive order - which Bush is under pressure to revoke - bans
overseas assassinations, the Pentagon points out that the US
can act as it pleases in self-defence. If action in Lebanon led
to an Israeli reinvasion of the southern part of the country,
it would be supported by the US.

Asked whether the Hamas organisation on the West Bank and in
Gaza would be too controversial for inclusion among possible
targets, one source said: 'never say never'."


>--- Original Message ---
>From: "x" <x>
>To: x, x
>Date: 10/22/01 12:28:59 PM

>Dear Action and Coordination committees,
>The Palestine Right to Return Coalition would like to offer
the MAPC members
>a teach-in on the Palestine/Israel conflict. X,
a graduate
>student writing his thesis on the conflict and the founder of
>Palestinian Agenda, does a 45 minute teach-in that covers the
>political, legal, and historical aspect of the conflict.  We
believe that
>there will be an interest among MAPC members and that it would
benefit them
>to have a basic understanding of the issue, if they don't already.
>Please let me know how this might be set up. I suggest it gets
brought up at
>the next general meeting to see how much interest there is,
and then we can
>set a time somehow.
>Peace, X

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Monday, October 22, 2001 1:03 PM

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RE: [MAPC-coord] Teach-in


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