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Re: [MAPC-discuss] city peace resolution


Re: [MAPC-discuss] city peace resolution



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X and the rest of the Policy WG/C<

Thanks for all the hard work you've been putting into this.  For others out
discuss-land, Xand I have been in close contact throughout this

I'm in progress of contacting tthe three most progresive alders on tthis
and hopefully will connect with some yet tonight--Wednesday, noon is the
deadline to get the resolution to the clerk's office by one of tthe alders.
( I
know them since I spent the last 6 years on the Council.)

I absolutely believe that this can't and shouldn't be put off or abandoned.
will give both the supportive alders and people from the community to come
in full force to, hopefully, jam the halls of the Council meeting room --
should all pencil it in on your calendars for 11/20; meeting begins at
but when this issue will come up depends on where it's located on the

It will get people speaking up about the issues, both community and our
representatives and I do think the Council will look really bad if they
pass something comparable to our resolution (I'm sure the "weaker" one would
the "winner" of the two, and even that may be watered down, but if we don't
bring this up now  --that humanitarian aid should be allowed to be dropped
safely and have the bombing stop -- than when???????

Both the Council alders and the community will survive this, no matter what
final decision is that the Council makes that night.  We shall not be hurt
this, even if it were to take the worst case scenario and have nothing pass.
The Council will simply be seen for what it is on this, and those who
support it
will have that to be proud of and we will be proud of them.  If we gain
by the majority, it will be glorius!

I certainly don't think it will create any animosity that doesn't already
on that body, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I'll let X and the Policy WG/C know what I can further find out from
certain alders and I'm sure that Policy will get back to all of us.  But,
definitely, as some MAPC'ers pointed out at our last GM, we have in the past
should once again this, come out in great numbers and strength Nov. 20
supporting the resolution and those alders who support it!


X wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
>    The Policy Committee continues to push to get a peace resolution
> in the Common Council, but will not have concrete progress to report
> tomorrow night.
>    We have been very actively contacting the progressive alders, but now
> need to step back for a day or two (again) to give them a chance to
>    A common reaction from the alders is that it is problematic to
> a resolution that gets only a few votes.  This could send the message that
> the city isn't for peace, or jepardize future resolutions on the same
>   So our proposed resolution may end up
> being debated after Thanksgiving if at all--we'll know soon.
>    It's interesting.  One school of thought seems to be that even
> introduction of a resolution is positive since it generates debate.
> school is that some collegiality among progressive alders must be
> divisiveness must be avoided, and you don't want to waste political
> on something that has no chance of passing.
>    What do you think?
>    Should we do a County resolution, too?
> Regards,
> X, Policy Committee
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> XXX-XXXX (evening)
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Monday, November 12, 2001 8:54 PM

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Re: [MAPC-discuss] city peace resolution


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