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[MAPC-coord] requested follow-up on "People for People, People for Peace" Nov 30...


[MAPC-coord] requested follow-up on "People for People, People for Peace" Nov 30...



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September 11 Email: Body

Hey, all.  Sorry about my abrupt departure Sunday.  My sister's been watching my kids for me during meetings, and has other commitments to get to in the evening; don't mean to be rude.
I'm writing to do the follow up Gillam requested on the "People for People, People for Peace" event.  I hope this will be a clear and read-able version of what I spewed at you in the meeting, something you can work with and convey to your groups.
From all committees we request the following:
that anyone and everyone possible make a leafleting piece for the "Information and Inspiration" table.  This is the booth where folks can pick up materials to keep, pass to friends, canvas.  This is all unofficial stuff, not MAPC affiliated, necessarily, but info that people can use for encouragement and proliferation of the peace message.  They can be gentle and non-political, or informative and opinionated, or specifically targeting one problem with the war, etc, etc.  If those doing one of these could bring 20 or so copies to the event, that would be great.  Otherwise, you can attach it in an email to me: X
That you support in whatever way possible our campaign to get the word out on this event.  I have some individuals who have volunteered to leaflet, but we may need more help as the event approaches.  I'll keep you posted.
Please bring forth suggestions on food donations, musical and kids' acts, and anything else that would help us run this smoothly and make it fun.
Additionally, most of you (we hope) will be doing some sort of booth/table for the event. (as suggested below) We have eight tables reserved right now --we will definitely be asking for more.  But, the gist is that you'll all have a six-foot table to work with, and other than that, please see that your information is presented nicely and attractively, perhaps with a sign designating your area, with someone to stand there and be in charge of it!
Now, for the individual committee items and efforts that we're requesting... 
bring materials for a table on upcoming MAPC events, perhaps a sign up sheet for further notification of events, or informative materials -- yours is the most ambiguous.  Use this venue as you see fit...Please keep in mind this is a family affair, and somewhat festive (we hope). 
Gail, this is actually directed at you!  It sounds like you have already covered the committee's bases with the web thing.  So, if you could keep me posted on how the sewing's going, that would be good.  Also, when and where can I get you fabric?  And, just so you know, it sounds like we will have a few seamstresses at the event working on further sewing, so really if you could just get 5 - 10 bags together before the event, that would be great!  And, if you could let me know how long they take to make, so I can get a feel for what we're dealing with.  I may also ask you to be the "advisor" to the sewing table, in the very beginning, since you will have already had some experience with the sewing.  Let me know if you are comfortable with this role.  Would you want to bring your machine to the event? 
Arts and Culture:
We will continue organizing volunteers from the coalition (largely unaffiliated with committees -- off the volunteer sheets), seeking acts and music, finding donations, and overseeing the sweeping organization.  We will plan and create decorations, come up with a floor plan, and signs to designate some of the areas for the "fair"-type environment inside the venue.  We will oversee the peace quilt project, and the other art projects for kids there.  We will create a better flyer for the major distribution of info -- although, if anyone can help with this, it would be sooo appreciated.
Bring your buttons!  Make a nice little set up for them, etc.  Bring the art and info for the art auction???
Also, if you could get us that tax exempt # ASAP, we really need it!!!
Please help with getting the information out to organizations, in church's agendas and bulletins, in school buildings, at pre-schools, to the girl scouts, and the YMCA, etc, etc.  Keep us posted on how that's going, if you can!  You can use the flyer that you have now until we develop a better one (hopefully by the end of this week). 
Also, can you develop or put together some materials on the refugees we're actually helping?
the "this is who you're helping" theme.  If you could make this booth rather catchy, with pictures, a sign with the suggested phrase "this is who you're helping...", etc.  I have an article that I'll give to someone on your committee at the GM meeting.
International Solidarity:
If you could do a booth on the international anti-war movement, that would be wonderful.  I"m thinking articles and pictures from the foreign press....  Make it catchy, give it a cool title and sign, so that people can see what it is from a distance.  Also, if you guys could commit, say three or four people to work the event, that would be so great!!!  If anyone has cars and can pick up food donations on the way, that's even better!!!!
Labor and Student Caucuses:
Please get the word out to your people!!!  Please consider putting together some kind of booth as you see fit for this venue.  Please encourage your special "spokespeople" (from the students, from the labor contingency) to voice their opinions for the Information and Inspiration table by creating a canvasing piece.
Please contact the normal sources: newspapers, radio, TV, etc, and get the event in the community calendars.  We can talk more about what, exactly should go in there, but I think you all know what is appropriate for these situations, so maybe it would be best for you to take the info from the flyer attached here, from the webpage postings, and from what you see here to explain what the event is all about.  The donation info (what we're looking for) is pretty important, if it can fit.  Otherwise, e-mail (mine?) and web address can be used as info sources for those with questions.
I thought you may also want to see if WORT wanted to collaborate with you on a booth on free press for the event.  Just an idea.
That should be all for now.  Attached is the preliminary flyer (very rough, the one you have, more or less) for the event.  I will bring copies to the GM meeting as well.  We need to develop something better for the mass distribution.
Thanks so, so much!  Please contact me with any questions, concerns, problems, or criticisms. 
See you Tues.

You Can Help Stop Terrorism Before It Starts!

Terrorism is a tactic of desperate people. The Taliban was born and bred in the miserable refugee camps of Pakistan. Today 2 million more Afghans are expected to join these camps and others like them in Iran. Will they too live for years in poverty, lacking food, shelter, medical care, schooling and hope? Will they become recruits for terrorism?

Please join the Madison Area Peace Coalition for their holiday season
People for People, People for Peace Event
a celebration of giving,
Friday, November 30, 2001, 6-9 p.m.
Lapham Elementary School

Come enjoy entertainment, refreshments, and the good spirits of giving people!
Bring the whole family! Lots of fun stuff and important learning opportunities for kids!

This event is free just bring your donations for the refugees in desperate need. We are gathering the following items to be sent to the Mennonite Central Committee, a well-respected charity that has been distributing to refugee camps for over eighty years.
Clean Blankets
Money donations, checks written to the Mennonite Central Committee
Supplies for school kits for refugee children:
#2 pencils
crayons or colored pencils
spiral notebooks, letter size
plastic rulers

A Better Kind of Holiday Shopping!
Give the Gift of Crucial Help to Desperate Refugees.

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, do you find yourself feeling less enthusiastic about buying and receiving holiday gifts? Does watching the plight of Afghan refugees make you want to share our relative wealth with the millions of people there who are in danger of freezing and starving to death? Come join us for this celebration of giving and help these people who are in such need.

Sponsored by the Madison Area Peace Coalition.
For more information, please direct your questions to X

September 11 Email: Date

Monday, November 12, 2001 10:54 PM

September 11 Email: Subject

[MAPC-coord] requested follow-up on "People for People, People for Peace" Nov 30...


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